Peter Fetterman

Peter Fetterman is an intrepid sound explorer and magician.   Often constructing his own instruments from discarded everyday objects he has delved unlikely sources to discover and extract new sound possibilities.  At MSPS 2009, Mr. Fetterman utilized the guts of a piano salvaged from a curbside dump transforming it into a vertical harp-like instrument that he performed with drum sticks, metal rods and horsehair bows.  At MSPSNMF 2011, Mr. Fetterman devised a solo chamber session composing sounds derived completely from live sources of active water, including boiling tea kettles, overflowing aquariums,  and mouse-trap like drip contraptions.   A prolific collaborator, Mr. Fetterman has performed as percussionist, electronic manipulator or thrower of flame.

Shreveport, LA